Esküvői smink bejelentkezés
Although I've been doing wedding makeup for 15 years, one of the most exciting things to date is bridal makeup because the big day is unique and unrepeatable. That's why my main focus is to find the right strength, shade, and shape to make the bride feel truly special, to make the bride feel glamorous because everyone has a different style, beauty, and trend.
I always remember that the makeup should not be alien to the groom, as his impression is also significant. A long-lasting make-up using luxurious and professional materials and the latest techniques. Considering that nowadays a more natural-looking make-up is very complex, I recommend at least 1.5 hours to work on the bride's make-up. For me, it is necessary that my guest feels comfortable on the big day and in no way in no rush. Of course, the price includes the groom's make-up, if required, and the different variations of false eyelashes on request.

I consider it essential to contact the bride by phone before my work because of this way I can answer all her questions immediately, and together we can design the perfect scenario. Therefore, please get in touch with me by phone if you can!
(06 30/911-8162)

Trial make-up: 30.000 HUF Trial session is not obligatory!
Location: 1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 115.
Parking: on the street, pay zone.

Bride's make-up: 40.000 HUF
Location: In the most convenient place for the bride, according to her needs. If you prefer, you can choose my studio mentioned above. The price in Budapest includes the delivery fee as well.
Prices may vary depending on the distance from the center of Budapest.

All other makeup besides bridal makeup is 16.000 HUF

I can also deliver to the countryside, but considering the travel and the overall cost of the delivery and traveling and outstation, the prices vary depending on the distance.
For a detailed quotation, please get in touch with me!


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